Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mental Health Week May 4-10

It is Mental Health Week from May 4-10 and the CBE has put together some great resources for our communities.  Link below:

CBE Mental Health Resources

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Looking For New Ideas to stay Active?

Check out the Willow Park Physical Education Website for ideas on how to stay active!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Top 10 List For Working With Your Child At Home

1. Establish a routine and space for your child to use for their school work.  Include your child in the co-creation of this space determining if a public or private space would be more effective for the learning needs of your child.  Remember to schedule breaks and recess!  Create a predictable schedule that works best for your family.

2.  Frustration levels rising?  Take a break.  Connect with the subject teacher by e-mail to seek clarification.  Have reasonable expectations of what can be achieved in the moment.

3. Recognize that online learning is a very different way for your child to learn.  Practice patience with this learning curve.  Don't think it needs to be perfect the first time.

4. Encourage your child to take wellness breaks.  Go for a walk, exercise, do yoga or just stretch but remember to move away from the screen (every 20 minutes is a good starting place).

5. Use online resources, there are many popping up on line (a link page will be added to the blog soon) for help with math, science.  In the meantime for instructional videos on math concepts use - 

6. This is a great time for "Passion Projects."  Is there a particular area that your child has always wanted to pursue (music, cooking, art, costuming, game design etc...)?  Now is an ideal time to build capacities in an area of passion!

7. Take time for kindness activities.  Reach out to one person today, make a card for a senior in your neighbourhood or in a care facility, write a letter/email to someone you would like to connect with.

8.  Have regular check-ins.  At the end of the day, have a conversation with your child about their experience.  You can talk about:  The online experience.  How was your day?  What did they learn?  Was it difficult/manageable?  Would they need to tweak the learning area/routine?  What other support would they require?  Is there anything that they need to speak (e-mail) with teachers about?  Discuss the Covid-19 situation:  How do they feel about the current situation with Covid 19?  How are they feeling about being away from friends?  Do they have any questions about Covid-19?  It is ok if you don;t have the answers - look for the answers and learn together!  Affirm them for adapting and showing the sprit of resilience.

9.  Make daily routines of learning - eg. plan meals with your child, have them participate in meal prep, shopping orders - lots of math skills here ;)

10.  Put your families wellness first.

Daily Quaratine Questions

1. Who am I checking on or connecting with today?

2. What expectations of "normal" am I letting go of today?

3. How am I safely getting outside today?

4. How am I moving my body today?

5. How am I expressing myself creatively today?

6. What type of self-care am I practicing today?

7. What am I grateful for today?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Welcome To The Health and Wellness Blog


This blog will be used to communicate with our Willow Park families to share information to support student and familial Health and Wellness during this extraordinary time.  

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Mental Health Week May 4-10

It is Mental Health Week from May 4-10 and the CBE has put together some great resources for our communities.  Link below: CBE Mental Heal...